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For many people, this upscale furniture carries sentimental value; a family heirloom, a highly sought after antique.  Your furniture is comfortable, creates a unique decor and in significant ways it positively portrays you.  Hosting a gathering for the family you cherish, or meeting with an important business partner at your office place - classic furniture reflects classy people.


As an owner of this furniture or as an investor in its dollar or sentimental value, how can you most efficiently maintain your classic, antique or modern woven furniture pieces?  We define efficiently as:  "by the least effort and cost providing the greatest longevity and value to your property."

Here is where our expertise may help you the most.  Because of the climate here in the midwest we are subjected to not only seasonal temperature extremes but also humidity and moisture extremes.  If your classic or antique furniture was woven from natural materials it is easy to understand those materials are tropical in origin and will not weather climate changes (in terms of ideal longevity) without a specific upkeep process.  If your natural woven furniture wintered indoors, your pieces endured about five months of an average 20% humidity.  In the tropics the humidity averages about 80%.  If your furniture was woven from tropical materials and wintered out the cold - a patio, garage, attic, barn or basement - they endured both temperature and humidity extremes.  Therefore in our climate, we recommend a specific upkeep process.  


As an analogy, for most people who own boats here on the Great Lakes, they winter their vessel in protective storage and they do full maintenance checks and cleaning every spring before re-launch.  We provide a similar service where, at the least effort and costs, you may enjoy the greatest longevity and value concerning your classic, antique or modern woven furniture.


Spring Ahead (Spring) Upkeep Services


As our clocks "spring ahead" in March each year it triggers the thought in most of us that yes, spring is forthcoming :)  Daytime will now be longer than nightime.  At The Collected Works, from March 1st to April 15th, our craftsmen are dedicated to performing maintenance and upkeep on woven furniture pieces for all of our clients.  This is a busy and exciting period for us as so many people are preparing for spring cleaning and the Easter weekend marks the years first family gatherings.  Here is an outline of the "Spring Ahead" Upkeep Service package: 


1.  Compressed air cleaning:  Using portable compressed air aparatus and tools, accumulated dirt, insect eggs, cobwebs and trapped moisture are properly removed.  The exact pressure and tools to be used will vary with the type of woven material or furniture design.  Your seat cushions are also air cleaned.  People often unintentionally futher damage their classic or antique wicker furniture by attempting this form of cleaning without professional assistance. 


2.  Seat and Frame Tightening:  Climate change and annual usage (especially with woven chairs) will relax and loosen the strength of your furniture (again, especially chairs).  When frame strength weakens and is neglected, small holes, cracks and tears may result in the weave materials and lead to expensive repairs.  Our service is aimed at the vulnerable under-seat and seat-back areas of your furniture providing replacement of the necessary components; i.e. seat webbing, frame fasteners, bindings, etc. 


3.  Assessments and Recommendations:  We will assess the condition of your furniture and estimate the seasons or years until major repairs are likely necessary.  As we have a keen eye for comfort and decor, we are associated with several profesional interior decorators; if you plan to change the theme or color of your home and wish to have classic or antique furniture be a part of your dreams, or if you want to change the color of your own, we are prepared to assist you.


Fall Back (Winter) Storage Services


At the end of fall we set our clocks "back" each October triggering the thought in most of us that oh no, winter is forthcoming :(  Daytime will now be shorter than nightime.  At The Collected Works, from October 1st onward we prepare our facilities for winter storage of our clients precious woven furniture - especially for clients whose furniture would otherwise winter in the cold attic, basement, barn, garage or outside patio.
Here is an outline of the "Fall Back" Winter Storage Service package:


1. Climate Controlled Storage:  Storage season is Oct 1st to April 1st.  While this is a six (6) month storage period, we charge for five (5) months meaning you may utilize an extra month of free storage.  Typically, our customers store their woven furniture from December to April.


2. Spring Upkeep Service: When you agree to store your woven furniture for five (5) or more months, the full Spring Ahead Upkeep Service package is done on each piece of your furniture at no charge.

3. Pick-up & Delivery:  If your set of furniture is greater than three (3) pieces, we will transport your furniture at no cost.

Utilzed together, Spring Ahead and Fall Back service packages will provide you, the owner of valuable and expensive classic, antique or modern woven furniture, complete peace of mind.  Every Spring your pieces are cleaned, frames and seats tightened, expert assessments done to preclude future major repair costs. Every Winter (if your furniture would otherwise winter in the cold) our climate controlled storage replicates the cool season for tropically grown woven materials.  The deterioration to natural woven materials caused by months and months of extreme cold and low humidity will not take years of life off of your furniture.


This is the most proven, efficient way for us to best serve you.



The value of your Classic, Antique or Modern woven furniture

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