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Social gatherings?  Graduation party?   Time to get the cobwebs, dust and organic materials out of your furniture?  Getting a jump on spring cleaning?

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Winter: A harsh impact on natural woven furniture

Given the intricate woven design of wicker, rattan, cane, rush (and all things woven), if your furniture wintered in the cold there will be significant deterioration to the strength of woven materials (since they are mostly from tropical plants).  As we live in a cold weather winter climate this is very important to understand.


Did your furniture winter in the cold: an attic, garage, basement or outside patio?  Please give us a call ! 


Annual maintenace is the answer to mitigate this unseen deterioration and prolong the life of your furniture. Because chairs repeatedly bear our weight, they will fall apart the fastest and need yearly attention.  Our Home Specialty Service is the perfect remedy for you.

@ Home Specialty Services


1.  Compressed air cleaning:  Using portable compressed air aparatus and tools, accumulated dirt, insect eggs, cobwebs and trapped moisture are properly removed.  The exact pressure and tools to be used will vary with the type of woven material or furniture design.  Your seat cushions are also air cleaned.  People often unintentionally futher damage their classic or antique wicker furniture by attempting this form of cleaning without professional assistance. 


2.  Seat and Frame Tightening:  Climate change and annual usage (especially with woven chairs) will relax and loosen the strength of your furniture (again, especially chairs).  When frame strength weakens and is neglected, small holes, cracks and tears may result in the weave materials and lead to expensive repairs.  Our service is aimed at the vulnerable under-seat and seat-back areas of your furniture providing replacement of the necessary components; i.e. seat webbing, frame fasteners, bindings, etc. 


3.  Assessments and Recommendations:  We will assess the condition of your furniture and estimate the seasons or years until major repairs are likely necessary.  As we have a keen eye for comfort and decor, we are associated with several profesional interior decorators; if you plan to change the theme or color of your home and wish to have classic or antique furniture be a part of your dreams, or if you want to change the color of your own, we are prepared to assist you.


@ Home Service costs are quoted based on the total pieces of furniture you would like us to service and the distance to travel to your location.  You are welcome to email us pictures of your set of furniture, or please call to get an estimate. 


We are interested in developing a long term association with you; bringing our @ Home Specialty Services to your home or office is the prefect way to start.  Please contact us, our phone and email info is right below.  Our @ Home Specialty Services will weave our way to you!


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