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About The Collected Works

We are a full service classic and antique woven furniture repair and restoration shop located in Wilmette, Illinois - a north shore suburb of greater Chicago. Wicker, rattan, cane, rush and all things woven furniture.  The Collected Works was established in 1971 and in the 50 plus years since we have provided restoration and repair services to over a thousand clients nationwide - from Marquette to Miami - from New York to Newport Beach.

Classic and antique woven furniture by distinction are valuable upscale home furnishings.  Many furniture pieces being vintage antiques with over 100 years of history, many other classical pieces created by the most prestigious furniture designers.  Each particular item of classic or antique woven furniture is very precious: it carries high monetary value, it has important sentimental meaning and it is comfortable, attractive and durable.  These may indeed be the most valuable of your home furnishings.

Our staff here at The Collected Works are sensitive and attentive to the value and meaning each of your classic or antique woven furniture pieces may represent. We are a team of dedicated craftsmen with five specific areas of expertise: restoration, rebuilding, repairing, painting and seasonal maintenance.  

How may we best help you? 

Our Customer Service 

Our goals are that you maintain the investment value of your classic furniture pieces by proper maintenance and repair, that you may pass along restored antique pieces as family heirlooms and that you may enjoy the comfort and decor of your woven furniture for many more seasons in the future.


>> Starting this spring, we are adding a mobile "drive-to-you" service to perform winter recovery / spring cleaning on your woven patio furniture - conveniently done at your home.  Please see the "@ Home Services" link above.


We look forward to serving you!

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