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               September 2022

I have a 1920's wicker love seat and side chair that were in generally good condition, but the seat of the love seat sagged about three inches. Dennis Madsen came to my place, looked at the love seat, described how he thought they could fix it, and after about four weeks, I had my love seat back looking almost like new--and the sag was gone. He'd cleaned it, repaired a few small dings, and applied a clear preservative coating. I was so pleased that I had him clean and repair the side chair. I think both pieces will do well for the next 90 years. I am extremely pleased with the results and feel the cost was very reasonable. He gave me a discount on the delivery charge, since he was in downtown Chicago visiting another client the same day. I recommend them highly.


Linda F.

               January 2023

Our family had a wicker rocking chair - it belonged to my grandmother.  It was in the attic, while we were bringing down all the Christmas stuff we decided to check around about restoring the rocker and giving it to our daughter who is soon to be married.  We contacted the Collected Works. They were very frank with us in determining the repair cost would be double to actual value of the rocker but that once restored the piece would be usable another 50 or so years.  We have visions of our daughter rocking her fourth generation baby.  After a month of work, we could not recongize the rocker when the Collected Works delivered it!  This was a totally positive experience.  We would speak on behalf of thier services highly at anytime.


Wison M.

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