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Craftsmanship & Specialty Skills

Our compliment of craftsmen have a combined near 100 years of experience working the full cross section of restoring and replairing classic and antique woven furniture pieces.  We have woven life back into many heirloom pieces left in basements or attics for dead.  Where there is a weave...there is a way..!


                     We offer these quality and specialty services:

* Repair                                                              

* Restoration


* Cat, Dog & Pet Damage


* Maintenance


* Painting

* Staining                                                            

* Refinishing


* Sinking or Caved-in Seats


* Caning

* Rush Weaving

The History of Craftsmanship

During the 1890's, wicker manufacturers competed with each other to come up with innovative and distinctive furniture styles.  Over 100 years later those pieces have withstood the test of time.  Quality construction as well as properly proportioned designs, have left us with exquisite examples of the wicker craftsmen's artistry.  Manufacturers such as The Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Co., A.H. Ordway, Colt Willow Ware Works, Karpen, Jos. P. McHugh, Ficks Reed and Gustav Stickley, to name a few, are all known for their distinctive designs and are synonymous with quality American wicker furniture.  Today these pieces are highly sought after along with skilled craftspeople - like our staff at the Collected Works - to provide expert and proper restoration.  Whatever your needs may be or if you have a question about classic or antique furniture, please give us a call.


We have woven life into these and other classic furnitures:

               * Antique, vintage, modern wicker


               * Mid-century modern

               * Lloyd/Flanders all-weather wicker


               * Machine and Hand made cane


               * Patio, porch and sunroom items


               * Woven rush seating


               * Bamboo and wooden chairs


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